DesegregationA documentary exploring the impact of the Connecticut Supreme Court Case "Scheff vs. O'Neill" on education in Hartford.  (Classical Magnet, Hartford)

Reputation - A documentary was made on the town of Willimantic, a story was run on 60 minutes, both stories described Willimantic as a "heroin town".  Is this a fair portrayal of the community?  How has this image affected the town, and what are people doing to fight back? (EOS Storrs)

Gun Control - Students will investigate the social & economic impact of recent gun laws in Connecticut. (Classical Magnet, Hartford)

Aftermath - The impact of a rape incident and the ensuing media coverage on the community of Torrington.  Is it possible for a town to heal? (Torrington High School)

How do social media affect the lives of young people? (Torrington High School)

Cyber-Security - The NSA looks at individual's emails, schools look at student's online activity, hackers steal personal data.  Who is looking out for OUR cyber security? (Marvelwood, Kent)

Redemption - When is it too late to turn your life around?  Students talk about the stress they feel about the future, is it too late to do better in school or at home?  Is there a point of no return?  Students will also interview organizations that are working to help people make changes in their lives. (Stamford Academy)

Single Parenting - A film about the hardest working people in society, single parents.  What types of struggles do they face, how has their situation effected their children? (Monument Mountain HS, Great Barrington, MA)

School Shooting - The tragedy in Newtown marked the anniversary of another school shooting.  30 years ago in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, a young man entered his school with a gun.  What impact did this have on the community, how does the shooter, now in prison, feel about his actions? (Monument Mountain HS, Great Barrington, MA)

Human TraffickingHuman trafficking has been largely an unseen problem in this country, but that doesn't mean it's not there... (Classical Magnet, Hartford)

Are drugs an issue in the Northwest Corner? (HVRHS – Falls Village)

Breathalyzer's at school dances & security cameras on school grounds.  Do these new security measures violate students 4th Amendment Rights? (HVRHS – Falls Village)

Understanding the complexity of the issue of sex offenders and the challenges they face after incarceration. (Lawrence University)

Challenges minority students face in the Appleton Public School System. (Lawrence University)

Understanding dementia and its impact on the Health System. (Lawrence University)

The effects of Domestic Violence on Children. (Lawrence University)

The disproportional number of African American's incarcerated in Wisconsin. What is happening in the Fox Valley - criminal justice system and police? (Lawrence University)