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You are invited to join First Touch Groups, the first mobile app that delivers a complete end-to-end experience for groups.

Begin communicating with your team through First Touch's free iPhone or iPad mobile app or the free Android mobile app.

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With a touch of a button, the app provides instant communication to everyone and everything you need including instant voice messaging, alerts, attendance tracking and calendars, video and photo sharing and game reporting.


With First Touch, the team is instantly alerted of urgent messages. Audio and text alerts are sent to everyones phone so if there is a cancellation or venue change, everyone knows about it immediately.

track attendance

With First Touch, you can monitor attendance at any event.


Use the calendar to create events and sync the calendar with other software. With First Touch, everyone is updated and notified of on-the-go calendar changes.

Videos and Photos

Share videos and photos in First Touch Group's in-app gallery. You can capture and share videos and photos of any activity.

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