Two students, on different sides of the gun control debate, team up to make a short film.


Short Video Introduction of the Civic Life Project


Learn about the 2016 Elections Film Challenge!

What We Do

Students learn from award-winning producers, writers, cinematographers and editors how to create their own 6-to-8 minute film around a local community issue they have discovered and explored. The films are available on our website (click here) & are screened at local and statewide screenings.  Exceptional films have been submitted to film festivals in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. 

Film topics highlight the links among local, national and global issues — and ignite a passion for engagement within our students.

"Just what modern kids need--a way to be creative on their terms while learning how to be good citizens! A transforming experience--and just what America needs, too."   - Bill Moyers, Journalist


"A brilliant project. It puts video cameras in the hands of students to go out into the community and tell community stories. It helps students walk across that invisible line that often separates the college or the school from the community."

                                     - Parker Palmer, Ph. D., Author



"I am most impressed with your interactions with students – students were excited, interested, thinking and talking, sharing ideas, working as a team."

Patricia Chamberlain,
Superintendent Region 1 Connecticut


"Civic Life has been one of the greatest opportunities for our high school students.  Thank you for bringing out the best in them.  The caliber of the work that they do is outstanding."

Cheryl Kloczko,
Superintendent Torrington Schools, Torrington, CT

"The benefits of the Civic Life Project are extraordinary. That responsibility for creating something good and that is representative of what students want to express is an opportunity that we don’t get to offer in a regular classroom."


Lisa Carter,

Principal, Salisbury Central School

The Civic Life Project At Lawrence University

Civic Life helps colleges connect with their surrounding community.  It allows students to offer new perspectives on community issues, and gives them and community members an opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue, with the goal of bringing lasting positive change.

The Civic Life Project in Higher Education

The Civic Life Project has been piloting a college version of the program at Lawrence University in Wisconsin.  Many times college campuses can be insular places, and it can be difficult for students arriving in a strange new environment to connect with the larger community off campus.  

"After taking the Civic Life Project course I am obligated to speak up. I wasn’t outspoken in my school or community.  Now I know that I can do that, that I have the right to do that."

Civic Life Student

Civic Life Project In The News

Student Film on Human Trafficking Makes Headlines!

Kemani Harriot and Ayla Alrbight of Classical Magnet School in Hartford, made an outstanding film exploring sex trafficking in Connecticut.  The result was not just invitations to film festivals, but an opportunity to sit down for an interview with Jill Konopka from Connecticut's Channel 3 news.



See the video at Hartford students create documentary


The Civic Life Project is a 501(c3) non-profit organization.  Our ability to reach students is made possible by the charitable contributions of our supporters.  Please consider making a tax deductible donation by clicking on the Donate button below.  

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